Debt Goals

The Method to Becoming Debt Free

Becoming Debt Free is the Goal

How I’m I going to obtain this goal. Well I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. The only way is going to be to make more money, and while making more money allocating that money to the debt. Rather than spending it on a new phone, electronics, beer etc. Usually when I get a little extra money I feel like, “OK I am good” but once it runs out I’m back to square one. So this time around what is going to happen is the extra money is going back into paying off debts.

So now the question is how I’m I going to make extra money. At the moment I don’t see any significant raises or income increases coming from work. So that income will be staying the same. Now the only way I see my work income growing is if I work some over time sometimes it is available and sometimes it is not.

For the most part the main source of extra income is going to be my attempt at affiliate marketing specifically building Amazon affiliate sites, and CPA. I will also be attempting to do local lead generation where I will be building the websites and renting them out. Right now I’m in a course that teaches exactly this both the lead gen, and the affiliate marketing at the local level. I’ll be documenting the process.

Besides trying to make money online I will be looking into a few side gigs to bring in the extra loot.



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