The Beginning

The Struggle2Freedom is Born

Welcome to The Struggle2Freedom

The main reason for creating this blog is going to be to keep myself accountable on the many goals that I have and that I am looking to achieve in the near future.

I chose the Struggle2Freedom as the name because I feel that many people including myself are all struggling to become free, by free I mean financially free.

This blog will follow my journey on making money online, paying off credit card debt and creating passive income. I currently work full time although not in the career I’d like to be in but that is a work in progress as well. Hopefully that will change in the next coming months and the income generated from that source will definitely be a jump from the current income I have.

Writing has never been something I’ve liked to do although my job requires me to produce reports just about on a daily basis. I figured if I can do that I can have my own blog, So with that said excuse some of my obvious grammar and punctuation mistakes and hold on because it’s gonna be bumpy.

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